Sports Vision and Sensory Skills Assessment

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Sensory Training (SST) begins with a thorough visual assessment. Using state-of -the-art technology, we will put you through a series of tests designed to mimic your performance on the field. In under thirty minutes, we can evaluate everything from depth perception to eye-hand coordination, as well as compare your scores against other athletes in your same sport, at your same level. We can even tell you if an eye examination is recommended. You will come away from the sensory assessment with an amazingly clear picture of where you stand versus other athletes on ten vital sports vision metrics as well as a list of specific vision training drills to improve your performance.

Sensory Assessment Metrics:

1. Visual Clarity: 20/20 or clearer in both eyes translates to enhanced depth perception, anticipation, quickness and confidence.

2. Contrast Sensitivity: Focuses on your ability to judge subtle differences in contrast, such as between a ball and its background, to better determine speed and trajectory

3. Depth Perception: Evaluates your speed and accuracy of judging depth and distance information.

4. Near-Far Quickness: Gauges your ability to quickly and clearly change visual attention between near and far distances

5. Target Capture: Tests your rate of visual shift and recognition of peripheral targets

6. Perception Span: Indicates your visual quickness in acquiring critical information.

7. Eye-Hand Coordination: Tests your speed and accuracy of hand response to rapidly changing visual targets

8. Go/No Go: Evaluates how quick and accurate your decision making is in pressure situations.

9. Hand Reaction Time: Gauges the quickness and speed of your hand.

10. Visual Endurance: Tests your capacity to clearly track a target moving towards or away from you. 

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